Parenting Plans

“Children have two homes but one life” is an important principle in the development of a workable parenting plan.  Parents who learn how to co-parent after separation can minimize the impact of this dramatic change. The development of a parenting “road map” following separation is a crucial step to reducing conflict post-separation and improving children’s lives. Andrea Himel works with couples to address issues, improve communication and define roles and responsibilities. When appropriate, and with both parents’ consent, she may involve children to better understand their wishes and needs.  Once completed, the detailed parenting plan is reviewed by legal counsel and may form part of a separation agreement or court order, and may be revisited as children develop and change.


Financial Mediation

“Increased costs without increased income” is a reality for most families post-separation. Andrea works with couples wanting to work for themselves to address the financial fallout of separation.  These issues may include child & spousal support, the sale/retention of the family home, nesting options, and the equalization of net family property.  Utilizing a creative solution-focused approach, Andrea assists clients to plan for the short, medium and long-term future.  Maximizing and disbursing the family income in an equitable and reasonable way is a goal many couples can achieve through mediation. The memorandum of understanding is reviewed by legal counsel and may be converted into a separation agreement or court order.



“I need help to prepare” is the request that led to the development of this unique service. In-person and telephone contact provides extra support for a parent faced with a custody/access assessment or other dispute resolution process.  Retained by a client’s legal counsel, Andrea provides education and guidance to assist the client in better understanding the children’s needs, and to achieve goals that are in their children’s interests.


Child Protection Representation

“The Children’s Aid Society has brought a case against me” and I need legal representation.  Andrea assists parents and kin to achieve their goals in child protection matters, including having the children placed in their care and/or working towards ending the litigation. Andrea accepts Legal Aid certificates and private retainers.


Private Counsel for Children

“Our children need someone to speak on their behalf” and we cannot access public services.  Where parents agree that counsel is necessary in order to achieve the best resolution for the children, Andrea will accept a joint retainer to act on their behalf. Utilizing skills she has developed as a clinical investigator and legal counsel through the Office of Children’s Lawyer, Andrea will meet with the children and, if appropriate, speak with third party professionals.  She will advise as to the children’s stated wishes using the contextual model. This approach provides context and insight into the independence, strength and consistency of the children’s stated wishes.


Parenting Coordination

“We have a final parenting agreement/order but we don’t see eye to eye on anything” is a problem faced by many parents after the litigation ends.  As a parenting coordinator Andrea assists parents in implementing the plan and improving communication.  For couples who have been engaged in litigation for months or years, parenting coordination is one option that is designed to ease the tensions and protect the children from further conflict.

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